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FortiToken-200 (10 piece pack)
Ten pieces one-time Password Token, Time Based Password Generator. Perpetual license
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OATH compliant Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) Tokens lets you solve Network Authentication Security problems affordably by adding a second factor for strong authentication. You cannot always trust your users with your network security. Relying solely on static passwords for remote access to your VPN and web sites provides only weak authentication because your users' passwords are vulnerable to theft or guessing, as well as dictionary and brute-force attacks. No matter the size of your network, easy-to-use-and-deploy One Time Password (OTP) tokens let you solve this problem affordably by adding a second factor for strong authentication.

Ten pieces One-time Password Token, Time Based Password Generator. Perpetual license

Feature & Benefits

  • Extremely secure, strong authentication using OTP tokens ensures a high degree of identity certainty and enhances online trust
  • Totally scalable security solution meets compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC) and industry best-practices for all deployment sizes
  • Long battery life, perpetual license, simple deployment model, and minimal required infrastructure gives you low cost of ownership for your stong authentication solution
  • Zero client footprint lets you easily administer tokens for your remote users while the low learning curve ensures quick and painless adoption by end-users
  • Tokens can be used for authentication to multiple online systems, and you can quickly reassign them among users, protecting your investment
  • Highly secure seed delivery options allow you to manage your tokens flexibly in the way that makes most sense for your network operations and security requirements


Product Name


Product Family



RoHS Compliant

Embedded Security Algorithm

OATH TOTP (Time-based), 60 sec, time step


Built-in Button 6 Character LCD Screen Globally Unique Serial Number

Battery Lifetime

Up to 5 Years / Up to 14000 dynamic passwords


IP68 (Ingress Protection)


Hard Molded Plastic (ABS) Tamper-Evident /Tamper- Resistant

Secure Storage Medium

Static Random Access Memory (RAM)

Battery Type

Standard Lithium Battery


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This product was added to our catalog on December 27 2011.